Welcome to Pc2Mobile

Welcome to Pc2Mobile

Pc2Mobile Network has moved to a new location.

Important Info

Your old data will remain as is and will not be deleted until 31st December 2007.

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Welcome to the Free WAP Loader

If you have used MobStorge �, you will like my site. However Pc2Mobile Network is just easier. Make your life easier. Don't have an expensive cable, IR Port to transfer data from your computer to your mobile? Here is your solution. Choose the files you want, upload them on the server for FREE and then download them to your mobile phone.

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All files UPLOADED prior to 1st May 2006 are now Deleted. Do NOT SEND REQUESTS FOR UNDELTING FILES. I WILL TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SAME. New New New !!!!!... Now you can point your browsers to www.pctomobile.tk to access this site. Also Note: You may experience slightly sluggish downloading of the page due to server maintenance. Incase you do not see the page, please try after sometime. Thanks.

Another IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to increasing cost on maintaining this site, I will make this service a paid service effective 1st December 2006. Please feel free to send your suggestions at the email address provided below. The service will be only for US$1 and it is a one time payment. I hope you will understand and co-operate. To keep this site free please donate a small amount using the PayPal link below. This will be very appreciated.

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Frequently asked questions :

Q1. Why do I need Pc2Mobile?
Ans. Well incase you do not need this, you are wasting your time here dude !!! Well on a serious note you need Pc2Mobile to store files (which included, pictures, images, screensavers, games, ringtones et al) from your computer and then download them to your mobile.

Q2. What are the benefits of using Pc2Mobile ?
Ans. The biggest reason is it is FREE. Second, it is convenient. Third you don't need expensive cables or software to download to your mobile. You only pay for download charges by your mobile operator.

Q3. What do I need to download from the website?
Ans. All that you need is a mobile phone which is capable of handling WAP and using GPRS. Point your browser on the phone to  shubas.freeownhost.com/down.php. You may want to save this as a bookmark so that you don't have to type it everytime (check your mobile manual to see how to save bookmarks.)

Q4. What do I need to pay to use this service to Pc2Mobile?
Ans. Nothing as such. However a small contribution like maybe a dollar (Yes 1USD!!!) will help me maintain this site and put better features in the future.

Q5. Are all my uploads permanent?

Ans. No. Due to bandwith issues and limited storage available at the server [ 100 MB only  ] , the files will get automatically deleted after 24 hours of upload. Make sure that you download the files as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment
. Also, in the future files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours of uploading. This feature is disabled as of now!

Who do I contact incase of help?
Not me for questions regarding How To download files for your particular mobile, PDA or any other mobile device. Also I DO NOT undertake requests for undeletion of files, renaming of files or anything to do with the contents of the files uploaded here. However do let me know incase you are not able to download files or receive error message while doing so.

Before Uploading:

1. Make sure the file size is less than 250KB.

2. Currently the file being supported are Images (GIF, BMP, NWP, JPG, GIF87a), Ringtones (MID, MIDI, WAV, MP3) and Java (.JAR & .JAD) files.

3. You can upload only 1 file at a time.

4. There are NO specific reasons for your file not uploading. Ideally could be because of bandwith issue. At present I only have 1 (one) GB bandwith a month. In the future this may increase.

Disclaimer :

I am not in anyway responsible for the contents of the file that are uploaded here or the usability of this site. Incase you feel that this site does not fit your requirements or you are not sure about the usability of the site please do not use the services. The uploader of the file is solely responsible for the contents, copyrights and other intellectual rights of the material.

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Before you leave:

If you have liked the serivces here and wish to get more features in this website, I would appreciate if you could make a small donation. Any amount starting from USD1 will be gladly accepted. You can use PayPal or e-Gold to make the payments.

Please click on any of the links to make the payments.

And while you are here, if you want to drop in a line to me please do so by sending me an email at pc2mobile@gmail.com or visit my Guestbook and leave your comments. Also you may want to link to us. Click here for the code and graphics.

This site was created on November 28th 2005.
Last updated on Novmeber 6th 2006.

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